Breaking News: UFC Signs Second Chinese Fighter

Chinese standout Jumabieke Turxuan has been signed by the UFC

March 29th 2013- Taking further steps to grow the Chinese MMA fan base the UFC today announced the signing of Jumabieke Tuerxun. This makes the former Legend FC Bantamweight Champion the 2nd fighter to join the ranks of the UFC after Zhang TieQuan. (The Mongolian Wolf) Juma is undefeated in 14 professional fights and was also qualified for the RUFF FC 1,000,000 RMB (160K US) tournament finals but did not participate in the Superfight. For more on that story check out this piece from Bloody Elbow’s Anton Tabuena.

 Jumabieke has a freestyle wrestling base and Sanda experience. He received MMA tutelage under Pat Healy and Brad Hannah during their stint at state-run Xi’An Physical University and currently trains under Canadian Welterweight & Xi’An Physical University MMA Coach Vaughn Anderson. (17-1-1)

According to Jumabieke’s Sherdog Profile, his nickname is “Wild Wolf”.  We can only hope that the acquisition of this undefeated Chinese fighter, the sport will increase in popularity on the Mainland. The UFC now has two Chinese Fighters under contract. Interestingly, both of them use wolf in their nickname.